''welcome'' to the mind of pisspissinthepusspuss...!? 😼

...by clicking on this link u consent to being faced by manmade horrors beyond ur comprehension 🤭 (my insufferability)

boredem is like actually so real becuz why am i fully learning html to maake a website ???? bro i literally have skl in two weeks and im failing 😭😭💔😭💔

i know when i go back to skl theyre gonna deport me for being a bum ☠️ guys im gonna have no school 🤕 how am i gonna do my fucking alevels oh my days NOOOOOOOOOOO 😿

if u dont click the link below, bjork will come and ur televison will explode !!!!!!!!!!
if u wanna know more about me 😁 click here, u dont have to click tho... 🙄

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the tutorial i was following told me to add an image, so like here is my image

this is what happens to ppl when they disrespect nikki minaj also as im writing this i have hiccups

my hiccups got worse oh mein god i am going to cry i cant go on like this

click here to my drawings of naken women

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if ur a sick freak...who cant mind their own business (like me), u can stalk my spotify >;3

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